About PG

Gill has worked as a cinematographer with some of the most respected international directors in cinema and television, and he has been honoured over 35 times by both the American (a.s.c.) and the Canadian (c.s.c.) Societies of Cinematography, and many prestigious international film festivals. He also obtained the prestigious Kodak New Century Award for his Outstanding contribution to the art of cinematography.

Gill began his career at age 24 by co-founding Kino Films, a successful production company producing commercials and music videos. Since then, he worked with many talented film and television directors including Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Denis Villeneuve, Charles Binamé, Erik Canuel, Jean-Marc Vallée and many more.

Gill is now a respected cinematographer but he has always been as well a filmmaker at heart, participating in several projects as a director,  producer, creator, editor and much more. He is recongnized for his diverse skills, his cinematic eye, and his efficiency on a set.




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