1. De : ROUGE Christian
    Envoyé : jeudi 4 août 2016 01:21
    À : nbrunet@omada.ca
    Cc : ROUGE Christian
    Objet : PIERRE GILL

    06 85 90 34 12

    Madame, bonjour.

    Juste un petit courriel,
    pour un grand MERCI,
    à transmettre à M. Pierre Gill.

    Je suis allé voir “LA CHANSON DE L’ÉLÉPHANT”,
    sorti en France ce mercredi 3 août.

    Quelques mots pour dire le beau :

    Merci pour les cadrages,
    merci pour les lumières,
    merci pour les couleurs.

    A Grenoble,
    “Francement” vôtre 😉


  2. Hi Peter,

    I just finished watching your CineSummit presentation. 1:11:00 was the fantastic “Don’t be lazy”. I love your hands-on approach and passion and the whole piece kicked ass. Thank you for your transparency and sharing your approach- it’s very inspiring.


    Ian Kerr csc

  3. Monsieur Gill,

    Mon français n’est pas très bien, parce que je suis American et je n’étudais pas français depuis dix ans (au lycée). J’espère c’est d’accord écrire en anglais.

    My name is Matthew Troy, and I first saw your work when I attended the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2010 and saw “Polytechnique.” I remember sitting in the audience, as the credits rolled, dreading when the lights would come up in the auditorium because I could not find myself ready to move. It felt like quite some time before anyone else in the audience was ready to leave. That film was heartbreakingly stunning.

    I graduated NYU film school in 2009, and was at the festival for a short film I had shot. Seeing Polytechnique reaffirmed in my heart why I want to be a filmmaker. Tonight I watched the film again, and the heartbreak, and awe still remains the same.

    Should you find yourself in New York City, it would be an honor to share a coffee with you. I have so many questions about your process for that film, particularly with interest in how you approach your framing and movement of the lens. I’m also curious as to how you took a space and lit it to feel so organic and natural, yet with a cinematic shape to characters. Your time is valuable, and I understand if you are unable to respond to these inquiries.

    I just want to say thank you for your work, and for the inspiration you bring to me as a developing cinematographer and filmmaker.
    Matthew T.

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